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PANCEA COLLAGEN Dietary Supplement - with 100,000mg Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Tripeptide imported from Japan for radiant and youthful skin. It helps to restore the skin’s youthfulness. Say goodbye to wrinkles and dullness with

PANCEA COLLAGEN that provides collagen in very small molecules so it can be absorbed easily. It also helps stimulate collagen reproduction, curing acne while nourishing skin, hair, nails, and cartilages to be healthier.

This is considered to be the best type of collagen for skin and beauty with amazing benefits in 1 box!

• Brightens skin
• Prevents from aging, dull look and wrinkles
• Reduce dark spots, acne, and large pores
• Reduce eye bags
• Improve joints and tendon’s health
• Strengthens hair
• Stronger nails
• Maintain a youthful and flawless skin
• Promotes faster healing that helps repair skin naturally
How To Use
• Take 1-2 sachets before bedtime

See results after a continuous usage up to 2 boxes
Specifications - (1) Pancea Collagen, 10 sachets

Net Weight - 12g per sachet / 120g box

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